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Entry #7

Ello My man mans

2008-12-12 06:01:16 by Japgun14

hehe it's been forever since I got back on newgrounds (I was on gaia) but meh back and bored so someone pass me a video to take credit from while u do all the working lol

my gaia user name is: i lubs u ( cat way of saying it

Ello My man mans


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2008-12-19 20:48:00

Jah hej Gdanskos! Japgun. Hey Japgun14. Kirurgen sade, att Gooneyen berättade mig det ja, hi den osammanhängande I-förmiddagen. Hjälp!!! Förmiddag I som anfallas av en kåta Elmo. Bionicals suger!?

Sorry if you don't understand... It's in a certain language called Swedish. Haifa ROCKS.